“Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.”


Life Is About Letting Go Past And Moving Forward

Life never goes backward, it can only move forward. We might stop for a while to figure out past incidents, but we must not become obsessed with them. There may have been some bittersweet situations in your earlier relationships, career, life, or family, but you should learn from them and realize that life is about stepping forward. You may have hard feelings or suffered in past, but the more important thing is to forgive others, as well as yourself, for whatever mistakes you or others made. So, you should make peace with your mistake and move on. This blog will certainly inspire you to look ahead and work for a brighter future.


Learn how to handle bad situations and problems in life, never complain about life; life never goes backward, it can only move forward. The major difference between successful people and unsuccessful is that unsuccessful people always complain whereas successful accept and move on. Great people do extraordinary things for people and society with dedication, hardworking and perseverance. Do everything selflessly and with the aim to uplift people around you and also develop society.


Never be sad about your past if something bad happened to you. As you know that you can not change your past because it’s gone.However, you may shape your future by giving your all in the present. Just think about the goals and promises that you made earlier. You should concentrate on things that you can fulfill with your strengths and talents.

The present is the result of the past; what you have done in the past is the result that you are getting now. You can’t change your past, but you can change your future if you focus on your present and take the necessary steps which can build your future.


In life, many problems will come-they may be personal, professional, familial, financial, etc., and they may be small or big, and we don’t know when they will come, but we should make ourselves alert and ready to overcome them and resolve them. Try to resolve your problems by yourself and take less supports from others. If you think you can do it, just do it and there is no need to take supports from others. People take responsibility when they love their Works and are committed to doing their best. If you fail to resolve your problems quickly, then you can take your time to do the needful to get the solutions and never be impatient while finding the ways; after all, if you don’t get any solutions after trying many times, you can find alternative ways to reach your destiny.


Challenges can’t overtake the powers within you; every failure helps you to prepare for the next successes. If you’ve fears of failures and rejections, you can’t sustain in the path of success, you can’t remove these things from the process of success, but you can overcome them. You’ve to overcome the difficulties to reach your goals. Find the solutions to your problems or find alternative ways to reach your goal -anyhow you’ve to move on, never stop your motion by thinking about the setbacks or problems.

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What do you want from your life, ask yourself? And nobody can give you clarity in this regard except you. You are the best person to reply to and find the right answers for every question that you would like to ask. You can take some partial support from others, you have to take the final decision. You are the best decision-maker for your life, whether you want to build your life or you want to destroy your life-the decisions are always in your hand.


Nobody can take your whole life decisions except you. Many situations come to the life from time to time, we find many different people from time to time and we meet many opportunities from time to time; but, what we accept and what we reject, can only be decided by the person himself. We don’t accept all the opportunities, we don’t accept all the people and we don’t love the situations that create problems.

“Better decisions motivate you to do the right actions and you do everything keeping the results in mind.”

People do miracles in life because they think miracle by their good decisions and do their works with the same perceptions; you create your world with the power of your thoughts, decisions, and beliefs. If you don’t think miracles, how can you do miracles? Every possibility begins in the mind, and then we do the things in the real life. While taking any decisions, think of their consequence; stop going ahead if it is bad and harm others.


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Negative thoughts are highly destructive to the mind; you can’t imagine how powerful the negative thoughts are, they work in negative ways to weaken your willpower. Negative thoughts are nothing but powerful viruses in your mind computer; they can destroy the hard disk of your mind computer. The anti-virus in your mind’s computer is creating more positive thoughts and positive images mind to weaken the effectiveness of negative thoughts so that you can take control of your mind.

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Life is to learn good things and then practice them to improve your
excellence. Many times, God sends you difficulties in the path of your lite to make you stronger, but it matters how you accept
this factor. Difficulties create obstacles, fears, uneasiness, discomfort, and it makes your process delayed, but it can never block your roadways. Through adversities and difficulties, you find new opportunities to build a better future. Those people who have fears of difficulties, adversities, and failures, never do big works and never achieve big things in life.

God loves you and He will give you the things in His ways to fulfill your dreams, and we don’t know what the exact ways are and what they are, you might meet challenges or difficulties because these
challenges or problems may open the doors to your prosperity and success. If you’re success-conscious, these challenges can’t break you, they might delay your works, but you’ll get the ways that you search for, and you may find your destiny in some steps ahead.

Not Getting What We Want

“I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey…

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life.
I was given life, that I might enjoy all things…” – Anonymous

Procrastination: The Psychology of Procrastination and The Best Ways to Avoid This

Have you ever found yourself staring at your phone or laptop, mindlessly checking social media, or going down an internet rabbit hole when you’re supposed to be doing something else? So have I and it is procrastination.

Hello! I am Siddheswar Jana. I am addicted to information related to the mind. In this blog, I’ll clarify why procrastination is so hard to overcome, as well as how to stop putting off and better manage your time by following a step-by-step guide. But first, you must know how procrastination takes place.

What Is Procrastination?

The term ‘procrastination’ originates from the Latin word ‘Proceastinare’, which represents ‘to avoid until tomorrow.’ But it’s not simply about putting off something you want to accomplish. The phrase ‘procrastination’ is also taken from the ancient Greek word “to do something opposite to our better judgment.’

Hence, Procrastination is defined as delaying or postponing something unnecessarily and voluntarily, despite knowing that it will have negative consequences.

“It’s self-hurt,” said Dr. Piers Steel at the University of Calgary.

Why We Do Procrastinate?

There is a myth about procrastination and laziness. We are often confused but they are not the same thing.
Procrastination is an intentional act in which you choose to do something other than the task you know you should be doing. Laziness, on the other hand, means apathy, inactivity, and a lack of desire to act.

The root cause of procrastinating is our inability to regulate our negative or difficult feelings as Dr. Tim Pychyl, professor of psychology, said in his research. He found that Procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, not a time management
the problem.

“We weren’t designed to think ahead into the further future because we
needed to focus on providing for ourselves in the here and now,” said psychologist
Dr. Hal Hershfield.

Procrastination is the best example of present bias, which is our innate trait to prefer immediate needs above long-term ones.

In the article of NY Times, we find:

In a 2013 study, Dr. Pychyl and Dr. Sirois found that procrastination can be understood as “the primacy of short-term mood repair … over the longer-term pursuit of intended actions.” Put simply, procrastination is about being more focused on “the immediate urgency of managing negative moods” than getting on with the task, Dr. Sirois said.


How to Deal With Procrastination-Inducing Emotions:

You must understand that procrastination is simply a means of coping with negative emotions.

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Here are the most crucial tips for dealing with procrastination:

Self-compassion means embracing yourself as you would care for a friend who is going through a difficult situation. Self-compassion is not based on social comparisons or one’s sense of personal accomplishment; rather, acknowledging and accepting one’s imperfections can contribute to personal growth and improvement. In research, it has shown that people who showed self-compassion are less likely to procrastinate.

Accept and Move On:

Forgiveness involves accepting the mistakes, admitting what has happened, and being willing to move on with your life without thinking about things that you can’t change. In a study, the researchers found that the students who forgave for procrastinating while studying for the first exam were less likely to procrastinate for their next exams.

Build Curiosity:

Instead of using self-criticism and hurting yourself emotionally, try exploring your minds, feelings, and reactions the next time you make a mistake, fail to fulfill a goal, or do not perform as expected.

Why is going on in my mind now?
How is my body reacting?
Why am I feeling this way right now?
And so on.

Pen a To-do List:

Make a schedule. Jot down Make a list of all the things you need to get done. Your list must have short-term goals as well as long-term goals. And when you will see your task list will help to make a proper plan to meet your goals without procrastinating.

Break the Task:

Break your big tasks into short and more manageable parts. You will feel less stressed and less likely to procrastinate as a result of this. Chronic procrastinator often says that they wait for the last minute to complete their task and make the task unachievable. So, break the tasks to bring broad changes in your life.

Reward to Yourself:

Give yourself a treat when you accomplish any specific tasks. Just promise yourself that when it’s done, you’ll get to do something you enjoy. Make use of your excitement to get you through the discomfort. For example, you can say that if I complete two Mathematics chapters, I will treat myself to 1 plate of biryani this night.

Make Your Temptation More Inconvenient:

Once a great thinker said that if you can not change yourself then change the situation in favor of you. For instance, if you are constantly checking social media then delete the apps or give yourself a difficult password, not 5 digits but 13.

One Task at a Time:

When you multitask, it makes you think that you’re doing a lot, but it prevents you from completing tasks fast and effectively. Your focus should be on one thing at a time, and you should give it your best. This will also allow you to stop getting overwhelmed by your busy plan and also avoid you from procrastinating.

Final thought: If you want to bring changes in your life then take full responsibility for your life. To avoid procrastination you need great patience and strong belief in yourself.

10 Habits Which Ruin Your Productivity – Stop These Now!

Do you ever feel like your productivity is at an all-time near zero? Is it becoming exceedingly challenging for you to complete work on time and productively? Without even realizing it, you could be undermining your productivity. If you avoid these 10 negative obsessions, you will see an important improvement in your productivity.

Your power to be extremely focused and productive are two important factors for achieving better outcomes and moving forward in your life more quickly. However, other harmful little productivity killers destroy your performance silently.

Here are 10 unproductive habits:

1. Checking Your Smartphones First Thing in the Morning

Checking our smartphones first thing in the morning is one of the worst addictions many of us have. The difficulty is that when we do so, we go into reactive mode pretty quickly. The new updates, emails, and SMS that we have received immediately capture our thoughts, ideas, and focus, forcing us to think about them rather than our goals.

2. Failing to plan out the day-

I have noticed that the days when I did not plan or did not schedule effectively enough are the days when I am the least productive.

You will just roam around if you do not plan your days and weeks. You will have a sense of work ethic because you know what to do. You must spare your time for the most important tasks; otherwise, it will be consumed by distractions or the agendas of others.

3. No Discipline –

Self-discipline is one of the most key factors for success, although it is often missing.

People prefer to be relaxed in their leisure rather than engage in tasks that require effort. Laziness is tempting because it is comfortable and effortless, but self-discipline takes commitment.

4. You Blame –

Ever hear of the saying, “a poor workman blames his tools”? When things are not going as smoothly as they should, take a step back and consider whether you are doing everything you can to improve as a worker through practice, rehearsal, and other methods…or whether you are simply blaming your equipment.

5. Consistently sleeping in-

It is far more difficult to encourage yourself to work hard when you sleep in. When you start your day with a sleepy mood, you are more likely to keep that attitude throughout the day, which leads to procrastination and time waste.

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6. Wasting time on Social Media

We are becoming less focused and productive as a result of our use of social media. Some of us waste a large chunk of our days on social media.
If you are not focused enough, you can easily become diverted from the work you need to complete the most.

7. Multitasking-

There is lots of evidence that multitasking is harmful to the body and efficiency. It is not a good idea to do that! Instead, find a spot where your concentration is completely focused on a single work, and you spring up with a genuine sense of achievement.

8. Procrastinating:

The number one enemy of success is procrastination. Many ambitious people’s ambitions and desires have already been ruined.

Procrastination is the result of practically all of the behaviors listed above. As a result, when you set out to eliminate these behaviors from your life, you will find it much simpler to stop procrastinating and start smashing them.

9. You are obsessed with results –

You hate learning and working, doing new things, or considering other people’s perspectives. You are solely interested in the outcome.

10. Keeping task in mind-

Keeping track of all of your daily duties and to-dos in your head is a bad habit that will kill your productivity and focus. Instead, devote one minute to externalizing your to-do list.

Your brain was not designed to be a storehouse for thoughts or tasks. Rather, it is made to help you focus, solve problems, think critically, and come up with fresh ideas.

Put your to-do’s onto paper.

If you do not have focus and are not productive at work, all you wish to do in life and become will never come true.

To be successful, you must overcome the habit that ruins your focus and productivity at some point. So, why not right now?

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