Fix The Problems of Your Life Easily: Here’s How

Focus on Solutions; Not on Problems


As human beings, we all have some problems in our life, which might be small or big, but we all have the inner strength to resolve all the problems. So, here are the most effective ways to fix the problems of your life:


God has given us all the inner strengths needed to manage our lives; but most of us don’t understand our inner powers and strengths and we start blaming others, as well as we find weaknesses in people, and find the reasons why people don’t help us as per our expectations. 

The problems of your life can be resolved when you think to resolve them; once you make decisions with a positive mindset, you find new ways, new ideas, and new resources to get your work done.

When we understand and realize that we all have the essential qualities to resolve all of our problems and can drive our own lives well, we can then start doing the needful and can live a peaceful life. If you fail to find the solutions to fix your problems, you may find alternative ways which lead to your destiny.


If you travel on a road and find the road is closed somewhere ahead and there is no option to move on ahead on the same road. What do you do in this situation: Instantly you try to find alternative ways that are connecting your destination. You don’t waste time here, and you don’t complain because you don’t have control over this outside situation.

Making Complaints is a negative attitude towards others; you mainly find mistakes in others and hesitate to take your responsibilities. This mindset stops your further growth and advancements.

Always remember; never waste time on the outside if you don’t have control over them, might be the outside situations, outside people, or any circumstances. Give value to your time and manage them like you manage your finances. Before investing your money anywhere, or spending your money anywhere, you think many times about the best possibilities what might be done to manage your finances in the best ways.



As Stanley Arnold said:

Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its solution.

To resolve any problems, focus on your strengths, associate with the right people to get good and new ideas, find the right resources, ignore negative people, and put consistent actions to make your work possible. Many problems can be resolved through positive thinking, positive decisions, positive actions, positive attitudes, and gratefulness to others.

No problems can be resolved until your focus goes to solutions.

When you start thinking positives over any bad situations. you start getting new directions of finding the solutions or new ways of working-it is the matter of creating a new state of mind to get going.

If you don’t change your state of mind to positives, you can’t get new ideas to resolve your problems. The problems are the same; you need to handle them with new thoughts, new ideas, and new action plans- you may need to associate with new people to get your work done.


A German-born theoretical physicist and the winner of the 1921 Nobel

Prize in Physics Albert Einstein observed:

The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

No problem can exist for a long time, but you can see the higher effectiveness of some problems, they might create some problems temporarily for a certain period. People don’t resolve their problems because they don’t want to change their state of mind to positives, they always hold the same thoughts that were with them in the past.

No problems are permanent, they are all short spans and can stay with us for a short time, but we make them long span and hold for long-term when we always think about them and make them our predominant thoughts.

Other reasons are, they don’t love to change their associations to new ones; and with the old associations, you are continuously getting access with the same people where you do the same discussions with them and you get the same ideas and thoughts from them.


Nobody is born with success or failure, the person makes his life as his thoughts and beliefs become and this set of beliefs can be changed at any time to any new directions as per his choices and desires. You can never go beyond your thoughts and beliefs.

In life, if you find that some people create problems in your way, some situations hold you back or some circumstances don’t give chance to do the right things to fulfill your dreams, what you should do in your daily life to win over your own life and lead a purpose-driven life. Don’t focus on problems, always focus on solutions and find new ways to proceed with.

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To resolve any problem, find the positive possibilities in mind before getting them on the outside. If you can imagine good things in mind, you can create them in real life.

Every problem has solutions that could be drawn in many different ways, it matters how you do the things to get it done. Never go with emotions, only do the right things at the right time to get better results in your existing and upcoming tasks.


You will find different problems in every part of your life; different states of living will have different kinds of problems. It may be a financial problem, it may be a health problem, it may be a family problem, or it may be a professional problem, and so on. When you fix one problem, another may come up on your site; it’s natural because it’s a human life.

Problems, difficulties, adversities, and failures are not bad for life, and they automatically come in your way when you do new things, but they become worst if you don’t learn from them. When you learn from them, they become your great teachers and direction indicators.

Every person in the world goes through some problems. It might be a small one or big, every problem has some solutions and you have to search for it. And every problem gives chance to explore new possibilities and direct you towards finding new opportunities.


Your subconscious mind knows the answer to all of your problems; consciously do every action that brings inner peace. If you don’t know the solutions, your subconscious mind will guide you on what to do about the problem. Always stay with positive thoughts and ask yourself continuously what has to be done to get the solutions-your mind may suggest you take suggestions from the right people to do the needful.

God has given us all the requisite powers to resolve all of our problems, but most of us don’t realize these powers within us and search for the solutions asking others many times in life.

Be alert to receive different positive commands and the ways towards the solutions from your mind those which are needful to our concerned problems. If you find the solutions or new ways to get going, you must get the needful on time, so be patient and strong-willed.


Ask yourself what are things holding you back, and why?

Do you have any solutions for the problems? If not, find alternative ways through which you can reach your goals. Don’t stop moving anyhow you veto keep moving. you can’t solve a problem by thinking of more problems in mind.

No problems can be resolved with a negative mindset; it needs a positive mindset to find the solutions. When you change your mind into positives, you connect with the right things to get solutions.

A positive mindset can find ways and solve problems, while a negative mindset can never do this task. But most people do the opposite; they become more negative and sad when they meet some problems and difficulties and lose their hope, and blame their life in different ways.


Your mind is a thought creator machine, it creates thousands of thoughts per day. Now you decide what kind of thoughts you want to create in the next moments, good or bad, problems or solutions.

The same situations create different mindsets in different people due to different ways of thinking and perceptions. When problems come into our lives, some of us try to resolve them who are positives,

Some of us ignore those who don’t make any decisions and some of us who are negative try to make them bigger than what the problems are. Many times, people make the problems bigger in mind through different thoughts than what the problems are; in this way, people get irritation, distressed, disappointment, and frustration.

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How Self-Awareness Can Make a Great Impact on Your Life

When you think confidently, you develop your self-belief and a courageous sense of self-awareness develops within you. Confidence is the product of faith and that could be made capable with determination and clear visions. Without belief, you are blindly doing all the work because you don’t have experience with its results. Working without knowing the results signifies that you are working without definite dreams.


Marie Curie said it well:

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing at whatever cost, must be attained.

Your clear visions can strengthen your belief in the journey to bring more good outcomes. You can’t achieve the objectives in the real world if you fail to achieve them in your thoughts and feelings with your strong belief. For every success you attain, you achieve them in your mind at the beginning; afterward, you gather the powers to make them real. The creation of good thoughts within your mind is the most important responsibility to bring a prosperous life.


What you think about yourself is your self-esteem; don’t think about others, what others think about you; many times, others’ thoughts are invalid and worthless to your life. If you are thinking negatively about yourself, your predominant thoughts become pessimistic and you accept your life in the same direction. When you change your thoughts, you give new directions to your life with new visions and new hope. Your life can’t be interrupted by others’ thoughts and spoken words, hence, be a strong-hearted person to handle all odd situations in life.

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The 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln once said,

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Your beliefs and positive visualization will attract the things into your life that must fulfill all your desires if you believe; you can move mountains because belief has the strength to make it happen.

Forget about others, you can’t control others except yourself. Most people try to control others so that they live with lots of stress and unhappiness.

You can’t control others except you, like, do you have controls on others’ vehicles that are running on the roads except for the control with the vehicle you’re driving. If you’ll try to control others, most of the time you’ll fail, while if you try to control yourself, you must succeed, maybe after failing a few attempts. You can’t change others but you can change yourself; others’ mightn’t be in your control, but you are always in your control. Understand this truth and move on to achieve your goals.


Soichiro Honda, Founder of Honda Motor Corporation, said it clearly:

“Success is 99 percent failure.”

Failure is the express highway towards success, from every failure you must learn, this attitude must help you to grow; if you don’t learn from your failures, you’ll make the same kinds of mistakes in the future.

If you don’t like to meet failures and challenges, you can never reach the success you desire.

Adversity is a great teacher because you learn many things from bad times, and this time pushes you to do many new things towards your growth and prosperity. People feel discomfort in bad times, while this time opens new doors to greatness, and you get new opportunities to explore your life; it matters whether you accept the new opportunity or not.


Daniel Goleman, an author, psychologist, and science journalist write:

If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.

We install anti-virus software in our computers to protect from viruses and other harmful things that might harm our computers; but to protect our dreams in mind, what we do. Add more positive thoughts to protect your mind, develop the self-discipline to protect your dreams, and build more dreams to create a healthy life. If you want to be tremendous, build big dreams. A big future can only be possible with big dreams.

Without self-awareness, you might fail to do many important tasks at the right time, you might miss out on many good opportunities and you might overlook associating with the right people at the right time.

If you want to get real success in life, always change and manage yourself in every situation that comes your way. With positive intentions, you can overcome many situations unknowingly.

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Paul J. Meyer once said:

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Every successful person is a big dreamer; like oxygen for living beings; without dreams, dreamers never spend their time. Without dreams, a person lives without getting the directions of life. No living being can live without oxygen, likewise, dreamers or successful people can’t live without dreams, because the dream is the greatest inspiration to life. Keeping your life’s important purposes in mind and doing the work to fulfill them, you can overcome many difficult situations in life. Without a definiteness of purpose, you can’t do your work with passion and a good spirit.


We give regular and essential foods to our body to make ourselves healthy living, but we forget to give the right food to our mind periodically-a very few people have awareness of this. We don’t forget to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We eat it on time because we feel hungry at that time; while thinking about our minds, we don’t give essential food to our mind because most of us aren’t hungry to attain new successes and fulfill new dreams.

First focus on developing reading habits that is essential to get motivation and they must improve your mindset to take good decisions in life.

A good and strong decision can be taken on any task when a good idea comes into mind; we miss out on many good ideas in our daily life because most of us don’t have specific dreams and goals to achieve so that we don’t have strong attention to grab the right things at the right time.


For every question you have, you can get clarity from your mind-

keep on asking the queries until you get the answers from your inner conscience. Nobody can resolve your problems better than you can-

you know all the answers to your queries, and you get the answers when you ask yourself honestly. You’re the best motivator and advisor to your own life towards every work you do today or tomorrow. If you don’t accept that you are the best person in your own life, you can never do any great work in your life.

Do You Feel Insecure Because You Don’t Have a Girlfriend?


It’s okay to have no girlfriend. You don’t need to feel bad for not having a girlfriend in your life. If there were a championship in the world, & there was a crown for the prize, that in this world who invents the stupidest things. We guys rank in first there. Because we create all the pointless attachments, dumb bullshit & add all our ego, pride into it. We add our self-worth & self-esteem into it. We make it far too complicated & finally we screw ourselves. We don’t just deserve the award, we created it for ourselves & we are abusing ourselves.

Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend in Your Life?

It can be because of 3 or 4 reasons.

1. You couldn’t get/woo one.
2. You don’t want one. Okay.
3. Or maybe you didn’t focus on it.
The fact is that You couldn’t woo one. You try but can’t woo one. But instead, you find out 5 more deep meanings behind it due to which you invent shame in yourself. After seeing someone’s gf, you are feeling unhappy. Again you see one’s gf, again you are sad. In your opinion what is a girlfriend? You are seeing a girl as if it has become a commodity. It does not even love. It is not that you want a support system in your life. It’s not mature thinking. You know, you should think like, ‘I need companionship.’                 
But no, what you’re doing is, ‘I want a girlfriend, a tag, a label.’ It is an awful race. You think that everyone has got a girlfriend, they are cool. It is just a point of showing off your “being cool” factor.

Now let’s come to the point directly.

What’s the point?

Girlfriend ?? What is a Girlfriend?

Moron !! Is it jewelry or something… We are talking about a girl, a human being. No one focuses on that. You don’t think about what kind of Girlfriend I should get? Ask this question to yourself if you want the answer.
Ask yourself, ‘What kind of person will I bring into my life?’
‘Whom I will give the control of my life, emotional control of my life, giving my precious time, in fact too much of it.’ Yes, you are giving her the right. The right to hurt you emotionally. They can. I am not saying that they will. But it’s a kind of agreement in that relationship. You give them a dangerous power, that if they want, they can break your relationship. They can crush & throw away your heart & feelings.

You get it. Do you?
So for just 5 seconds, you should not think that I shouldn’t get a girlfriend. But think if you enter into a relationship, or date a person, you should try to think about what kind of person, should it be. Because you are giving them a kind of power over half of your life, your time, your effort, and a lot of things.
You are giving them control. This person can destroy your whole day. This person can harm your mental state. They can give you a lot of stress & suffering.
Right. Because now you don’t even know who the person truly is because you are single. So, they are a sort of vacuum.
I am not saying that all the girls do that.
I am not saying that at all. Girls should think about the same thing. I would assume so, Right.
Because it’s a matter of commonsense. Because if you are making someone your life partner then you should at least think for some time.

But, Noo!!
You just want a girl !!!! Because you are the kind of person who wants to win the race. It’s a kind of being qualifying for being a man.

What is the Symbol of a Man?

Bullshiting around, Smoking Even getting drunk, screwing around with girls, Typing college bullshit, stupidity. Is it? This is stupid teenage thinking, from age 20 to 28 in the minds of people in our generation especially.

What is a man?
He who drinks flirts around, hangs out. We are four friends, We often even enter into fights. We even fool around with girls. We don’t even respect the girls. On the phone we even show off before our friends.” Why did you call ?”. Don’t we?
What do you get from it?
Even the guy who shows off on his phone later says sorry to the girl at night. Trust me if the girl kicks you away once, for nearly 5 months, your life will shatter into pieces.
This style of showing off as a Hero that we guys have. What’s the point of it?

First Point:

Ask yourself this question. I want a girlfriend, but why do you want a girlfriend? Just reason with yourself. Just give one reason to yourself.
For sex, is it? ok. For s*x, let’s evaluate it.
Most people will answer this. That I want to have s*x. This is the biggest answer of most people. That I want to indulge in s*x with a girl. Whenever I want.
Now, let’s weigh it out. Your need is s*x. That is nearly the most of it. okay.

What do you get after that?
A person who can control your entire life, kind of to that extent that even you will fail to do. By control, it doesn’t mean to direct your life. That you will do this or do that, this will be your hairstyle, etc. But they will have the same power that a movie director has to direct the movie the way they want it to. Your life will be directed the same way. Now how that person will use that power depends on that person. But you should understand that both of the things don’t have any justification at all. Both the sides don’t balance out each other. That I want sex, so, I will give my life for her.

Let’s Go to the Second Point:

You want a girlfriend because when you go to the mall, you should have a girl at your side. Because you have an inferiority complex when you go to the mall & you see couples. These are the small things that you covet.
When you see a girl with her boyfriend in malls, having dinners, in hotels, in restaurants, you feel jealous because you don’t have a girl in your life.

You Have Created a picture in Your Mind

Okay, bro? What does that mean?
What do you want in life? You see an image from afar. You don’t even know 1% of their lives. That is an image.
Just like a picture. You just want to enter into that picture. Because the picture looks beautiful from afar. Bro, be realistic and practical in your life to some extent, then you will accept that looks are deceptive. All that glitters is not gold.

Do you get it, my brother?

I am giving you great advice. You should see all that is going on around you & move forward in life. This nuisance of running behind things is foolish.

But you will say, ‘My friend has a girlfriend.’ Just try to visualize this in long term. Do you even see that how many boys are crying? how many have been dumped by girls? They are in depression and stress. They can’t even work. Their lives get destroyed. They lose their jobs, their colleges. You have already heard these stories. Why don’t you consider those images, my brother? Why are you so biased on one side? That I feel sad when I see couples in the evening. I feel that I should also have a girlfriend. All about sex.
It’s all about s*x. You are creating all your layers around it. I want a lot of things, but I want to have s*x mainly.
s*x is right. S*x drives us, it is a biological urge. But while asking for s*x, don’t screw your own life. What you are doing is that you are getting horny about it. You are getting irrational about it. You are not thinking straight, you work because of that lust.
You become an animal, in a sense. If someone maps down your intelligence to see what you employ in your mind, they will see you have the same level of intelligence as that of a puppy.

What Happens When a girl Smiles?

That’s what I mean. You are not even using your brain. You are thinking that any girl will do. Any girl who smiles, you fall for her. You have become stupid. There is no sense in what you are doing. That is why our friends suggest that stay away from her. Still, we don’t get it. Because she replies.

The girl who is merely replying to you, replying to your fucking text. She seems like a goddess on that level & we nearly go mad.

My brother, try to understand some things in life. I can not make you feel some things.
No one can make you feel some things like
that you feel the urge of sex.
But what I say will enter your mind, that is why I am focusing there. Because I can’t tell you how to control that urge and how to evaluate it. Trust me, it won’t decrease. Let’s be fucking honest. The want of having sex is a biological urge. There is no pill in this world, there is no procedure and what exists will harm your health. So, I won’t recommend it. Naturally, you can’t do it.

But use your brain. You can focus on the goals in your life. You can think long-term & you can even avert a disaster.

#Quotes: Muhammad Ali

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Muhammad Ali


“Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.”


Life Is About Letting Go Past And Moving Forward

Life never goes backward, it can only move forward. We might stop for a while to figure out past incidents, but we must not become obsessed with them. There may have been some bittersweet situations in your earlier relationships, career, life, or family, but you should learn from them and realize that life is about stepping forward. You may have hard feelings or suffered in past, but the more important thing is to forgive others, as well as yourself, for whatever mistakes you or others made. So, you should make peace with your mistake and move on. This blog will certainly inspire you to look ahead and work for a brighter future.


Learn how to handle bad situations and problems in life, never complain about life; life never goes backward, it can only move forward. The major difference between successful people and unsuccessful is that unsuccessful people always complain whereas successful accept and move on. Great people do extraordinary things for people and society with dedication, hardworking and perseverance. Do everything selflessly and with the aim to uplift people around you and also develop society.


Never be sad about your past if something bad happened to you. As you know that you can not change your past because it’s gone.However, you may shape your future by giving your all in the present. Just think about the goals and promises that you made earlier. You should concentrate on things that you can fulfill with your strengths and talents.

The present is the result of the past; what you have done in the past is the result that you are getting now. You can’t change your past, but you can change your future if you focus on your present and take the necessary steps which can build your future.


In life, many problems will come-they may be personal, professional, familial, financial, etc., and they may be small or big, and we don’t know when they will come, but we should make ourselves alert and ready to overcome them and resolve them. Try to resolve your problems by yourself and take less supports from others. If you think you can do it, just do it and there is no need to take supports from others. People take responsibility when they love their Works and are committed to doing their best. If you fail to resolve your problems quickly, then you can take your time to do the needful to get the solutions and never be impatient while finding the ways; after all, if you don’t get any solutions after trying many times, you can find alternative ways to reach your destiny.


Challenges can’t overtake the powers within you; every failure helps you to prepare for the next successes. If you’ve fears of failures and rejections, you can’t sustain in the path of success, you can’t remove these things from the process of success, but you can overcome them. You’ve to overcome the difficulties to reach your goals. Find the solutions to your problems or find alternative ways to reach your goal -anyhow you’ve to move on, never stop your motion by thinking about the setbacks or problems.

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What do you want from your life, ask yourself? And nobody can give you clarity in this regard except you. You are the best person to reply to and find the right answers for every question that you would like to ask. You can take some partial support from others, you have to take the final decision. You are the best decision-maker for your life, whether you want to build your life or you want to destroy your life-the decisions are always in your hand.


Nobody can take your whole life decisions except you. Many situations come to the life from time to time, we find many different people from time to time and we meet many opportunities from time to time; but, what we accept and what we reject, can only be decided by the person himself. We don’t accept all the opportunities, we don’t accept all the people and we don’t love the situations that create problems.

“Better decisions motivate you to do the right actions and you do everything keeping the results in mind.”

People do miracles in life because they think miracle by their good decisions and do their works with the same perceptions; you create your world with the power of your thoughts, decisions, and beliefs. If you don’t think miracles, how can you do miracles? Every possibility begins in the mind, and then we do the things in the real life. While taking any decisions, think of their consequence; stop going ahead if it is bad and harm others.


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Negative thoughts are highly destructive to the mind; you can’t imagine how powerful the negative thoughts are, they work in negative ways to weaken your willpower. Negative thoughts are nothing but powerful viruses in your mind computer; they can destroy the hard disk of your mind computer. The anti-virus in your mind’s computer is creating more positive thoughts and positive images mind to weaken the effectiveness of negative thoughts so that you can take control of your mind.

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Life is to learn good things and then practice them to improve your
excellence. Many times, God sends you difficulties in the path of your lite to make you stronger, but it matters how you accept
this factor. Difficulties create obstacles, fears, uneasiness, discomfort, and it makes your process delayed, but it can never block your roadways. Through adversities and difficulties, you find new opportunities to build a better future. Those people who have fears of difficulties, adversities, and failures, never do big works and never achieve big things in life.

God loves you and He will give you the things in His ways to fulfill your dreams, and we don’t know what the exact ways are and what they are, you might meet challenges or difficulties because these
challenges or problems may open the doors to your prosperity and success. If you’re success-conscious, these challenges can’t break you, they might delay your works, but you’ll get the ways that you search for, and you may find your destiny in some steps ahead.


Anyone can give up; that is the easiest thing to do. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart; now that is true strength.

Chris Bradford

Not Getting What We Want

“I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey…

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life.
I was given life, that I might enjoy all things…” – Anonymous


“We grow great by dreams. All great men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or the red fire of a long winter’s evening. Some of us let these great dreams die but others nourish and protect them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true.” – Anonymous

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