Do You Feel Insecure Because You Don’t Have a Girlfriend?


It’s okay to have no girlfriend. You don’t need to feel bad for not having a girlfriend in your life. If there were a championship in the world, & there was a crown for the prize, that in this world who invents the stupidest things. We guys rank in first there. Because we create all the pointless attachments, dumb bullshit & add all our ego, pride into it. We add our self-worth & self-esteem into it. We make it far too complicated & finally we screw ourselves. We don’t just deserve the award, we created it for ourselves & we are abusing ourselves.

Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend in Your Life?

It can be because of 3 or 4 reasons.

1. You couldn’t get/woo one.
2. You don’t want one. Okay.
3. Or maybe you didn’t focus on it.
The fact is that You couldn’t woo one. You try but can’t woo one. But instead, you find out 5 more deep meanings behind it due to which you invent shame in yourself. After seeing someone’s gf, you are feeling unhappy. Again you see one’s gf, again you are sad. In your opinion what is a girlfriend? You are seeing a girl as if it has become a commodity. It does not even love. It is not that you want a support system in your life. It’s not mature thinking. You know, you should think like, ‘I need companionship.’                 
But no, what you’re doing is, ‘I want a girlfriend, a tag, a label.’ It is an awful race. You think that everyone has got a girlfriend, they are cool. It is just a point of showing off your “being cool” factor.

Now let’s come to the point directly.

What’s the point?

Girlfriend ?? What is a Girlfriend?

Moron !! Is it jewelry or something… We are talking about a girl, a human being. No one focuses on that. You don’t think about what kind of Girlfriend I should get? Ask this question to yourself if you want the answer.
Ask yourself, ‘What kind of person will I bring into my life?’
‘Whom I will give the control of my life, emotional control of my life, giving my precious time, in fact too much of it.’ Yes, you are giving her the right. The right to hurt you emotionally. They can. I am not saying that they will. But it’s a kind of agreement in that relationship. You give them a dangerous power, that if they want, they can break your relationship. They can crush & throw away your heart & feelings.

You get it. Do you?
So for just 5 seconds, you should not think that I shouldn’t get a girlfriend. But think if you enter into a relationship, or date a person, you should try to think about what kind of person, should it be. Because you are giving them a kind of power over half of your life, your time, your effort, and a lot of things.
You are giving them control. This person can destroy your whole day. This person can harm your mental state. They can give you a lot of stress & suffering.
Right. Because now you don’t even know who the person truly is because you are single. So, they are a sort of vacuum.
I am not saying that all the girls do that.
I am not saying that at all. Girls should think about the same thing. I would assume so, Right.
Because it’s a matter of commonsense. Because if you are making someone your life partner then you should at least think for some time.

But, Noo!!
You just want a girl !!!! Because you are the kind of person who wants to win the race. It’s a kind of being qualifying for being a man.

What is the Symbol of a Man?

Bullshiting around, Smoking Even getting drunk, screwing around with girls, Typing college bullshit, stupidity. Is it? This is stupid teenage thinking, from age 20 to 28 in the minds of people in our generation especially.

What is a man?
He who drinks flirts around, hangs out. We are four friends, We often even enter into fights. We even fool around with girls. We don’t even respect the girls. On the phone we even show off before our friends.” Why did you call ?”. Don’t we?
What do you get from it?
Even the guy who shows off on his phone later says sorry to the girl at night. Trust me if the girl kicks you away once, for nearly 5 months, your life will shatter into pieces.
This style of showing off as a Hero that we guys have. What’s the point of it?

First Point:

Ask yourself this question. I want a girlfriend, but why do you want a girlfriend? Just reason with yourself. Just give one reason to yourself.
For sex, is it? ok. For s*x, let’s evaluate it.
Most people will answer this. That I want to have s*x. This is the biggest answer of most people. That I want to indulge in s*x with a girl. Whenever I want.
Now, let’s weigh it out. Your need is s*x. That is nearly the most of it. okay.

What do you get after that?
A person who can control your entire life, kind of to that extent that even you will fail to do. By control, it doesn’t mean to direct your life. That you will do this or do that, this will be your hairstyle, etc. But they will have the same power that a movie director has to direct the movie the way they want it to. Your life will be directed the same way. Now how that person will use that power depends on that person. But you should understand that both of the things don’t have any justification at all. Both the sides don’t balance out each other. That I want sex, so, I will give my life for her.

Let’s Go to the Second Point:

You want a girlfriend because when you go to the mall, you should have a girl at your side. Because you have an inferiority complex when you go to the mall & you see couples. These are the small things that you covet.
When you see a girl with her boyfriend in malls, having dinners, in hotels, in restaurants, you feel jealous because you don’t have a girl in your life.

You Have Created a picture in Your Mind

Okay, bro? What does that mean?
What do you want in life? You see an image from afar. You don’t even know 1% of their lives. That is an image.
Just like a picture. You just want to enter into that picture. Because the picture looks beautiful from afar. Bro, be realistic and practical in your life to some extent, then you will accept that looks are deceptive. All that glitters is not gold.

Do you get it, my brother?

I am giving you great advice. You should see all that is going on around you & move forward in life. This nuisance of running behind things is foolish.

But you will say, ‘My friend has a girlfriend.’ Just try to visualize this in long term. Do you even see that how many boys are crying? how many have been dumped by girls? They are in depression and stress. They can’t even work. Their lives get destroyed. They lose their jobs, their colleges. You have already heard these stories. Why don’t you consider those images, my brother? Why are you so biased on one side? That I feel sad when I see couples in the evening. I feel that I should also have a girlfriend. All about sex.
It’s all about s*x. You are creating all your layers around it. I want a lot of things, but I want to have s*x mainly.
s*x is right. S*x drives us, it is a biological urge. But while asking for s*x, don’t screw your own life. What you are doing is that you are getting horny about it. You are getting irrational about it. You are not thinking straight, you work because of that lust.
You become an animal, in a sense. If someone maps down your intelligence to see what you employ in your mind, they will see you have the same level of intelligence as that of a puppy.

What Happens When a girl Smiles?

That’s what I mean. You are not even using your brain. You are thinking that any girl will do. Any girl who smiles, you fall for her. You have become stupid. There is no sense in what you are doing. That is why our friends suggest that stay away from her. Still, we don’t get it. Because she replies.

The girl who is merely replying to you, replying to your fucking text. She seems like a goddess on that level & we nearly go mad.

My brother, try to understand some things in life. I can not make you feel some things.
No one can make you feel some things like
that you feel the urge of sex.
But what I say will enter your mind, that is why I am focusing there. Because I can’t tell you how to control that urge and how to evaluate it. Trust me, it won’t decrease. Let’s be fucking honest. The want of having sex is a biological urge. There is no pill in this world, there is no procedure and what exists will harm your health. So, I won’t recommend it. Naturally, you can’t do it.

But use your brain. You can focus on the goals in your life. You can think long-term & you can even avert a disaster.

8 Most Beautiful Things in Life That Make Me Feel Awesome

The most beautiful things in life are not things. They’re people and places and memories and pictures. They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter.


As I look around and think about “life,” I feel obliged to share with you some of the most beautiful things I have noticed. I’ll show you the most beautiful things in life are free so you don’t make the mistake of putting trivial things for the most important.

So, Here Are Some Most Beautiful Things in Life to Adore though There Are a Lot More :

#1 Being in Love :

Being in love is the best feeling in life. It includes wishing for your partner’s happiness, admiring the person for who he or she is, and feeling inspired to improve yourself. It’s more than just a physical attraction between you when you’re in love. It’s a feeling of joy at the prospect of two separate and free people opting to spend time together. When you’re in love, you’re motivated to be sympathetic, kind, and loving to the person you care about and also others. I feel blessed to have had such an experience in my life.

#2 Tears of joy! :

Yes, ‘happy tears’ are the most amazing thing in life.

It’s the apex of joy. It offers joy to those who see it.

Summer raindrops penetrated by sunbeams are like tears of joy.
Joyful tears are made up of 1% water and 99 percent happiness.
It’s great to witness it on your close one.
My mother poured happy tears after I had first earned 500 hundred rupees by giving tuition to my students, and it was the finest day of my life. Then I found that ‘Tears of Joy’ are the most amazing thing in life. I hope you all get it at some point in your lives.

#3 Music :

Music can lift a person’s moods, facilitate them, or soothe and rest them. It also helps us to feel virtual, if not all, of the emotions we experience throughout our life.

Sometimes I feel that music is the medicine for all the problems.
My existence would be empty without music and harmonies. When I’m having a bad day, I listen to various songs that help me to calm, de-stress and also motivate me. Music is love.

Some of my favorite songs :

1. Tujhse Naraz Nahin Zindagi Song by Anup Ghoshal
2. Coffee Houser Sei Addata Aaj Aar Nei Song by Manna Dey
3. Tolo Chinno Bina Song by Asha Bhosle
4. Hamen Tumse Pyar Kitna
Song by Kishore Kumar
5. Still I want to be here from 13 Reason Why
The list goes on…….

#4 Sunset :

Watching the sunset and enjoying its tranquility is another most lovely thing in life. The sky with all of its charming qualities is my favorite thing in the world, and if I could spend my entire day watching the way it changes in a million different ways, I wouldn’t hesitate to.

While sunsets mark the end of the day, they’ve also come to symbolize peace, harmony, and the promise of fresh beginnings. Sunsets serve as a wonderful reminder to take time to relax and refresh our hearts and brains at the end of each day.

#5 Family :

Without family our life is meaningless. The word “family” itself is so significant that it implies a sense of security in having people around you with whom you can always rely on, with whom you can always discuss your worries, with whom you can always play, and with whom you can always cheer your mood.

To me, family is equivalent to love. Someone who is always there for me, at both good and bad moments, throughout my life. Encouragement, comfort, guidance, values, morals, faith, understanding, hope, and many other things come to me when I think of family. These things are highly crucial to me because they make me happy on the inside, regardless of what is going on in my life outside of them.

#6 Friendships :

Having nice friends is beneficial to your well-being. Friends can assist you in both celebrating good moments and giving support during difficult times. Friendship minimizes loneliness and allows you to provide much-needed companionship. Additionally, friends can:

  • Boost your sense of objective of your life and belonging.
  • Motivate you to change or ignore toxic lifestyle and addictions such as excessive drinking and inertness, etc.

#7 Blue Sky :

My next favorite thing in the world is the sky, blue sky, with all of its fascinating facets, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend an entire day watching it transform in a thousand multiple ways. Blue skies are pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul, and they add to the universe’s total beauty. These blue skies not only demonstrate the actual beauty of pure blue skies while also inspire and instill a sense of hope.

#8 Book :

Reading books can expand your thoughts and take you to places – on earth and in space. It can increase your visualisation ability. If you are reader, you do not need any friend – book becomes your best friend. It stops you from getting bored. It helps you understand world better.

But the beautiful thing about reading books is that you can sleep soundly at night…I love going to sleep while reading a book and I generally have a very sound sleep. No tossing and turning in the bed waiting for sleep to takeover !!!
In the words of George Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one”

Book which you must read atleast once :

1. Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty
2. You Can Win by Shiv Khera
3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
The list goes on…..

What are the most beautiful things in life in your opinion? Comment below.

Thank you.

How To Stop Overthinking And Start Living A Meaningful Life

“I am always getting things wrong.” “I don’t deserve that job.” If you are an over-thinker, you are well familiar with such statements which often keep popping up in your mind. The following 9 important tools can help you to stop overthinking and move in the right direction.

You will know exactly how it goes if you are an overthinker. A problem keeps springing up in your mind — for example, a health concern or a professional issue – and you can not seem to get it out of your head as you anxiously try to find some meaning or solution. The thoughts move round and round, but sadly, answers are rarely found.

When you overthink anything, your decisions become hazy, and your stress level rises. You spend too much of your time dwelling on the negative. It can be hard to take any action.

So, what’s an overthinking person do?

It’s time to face your fear and overcome it.

Here are the 9 ways you can try to stop overthinking

1. Be Aware

Rumination, or recurrent thinking, can be perpetuated by the way you respond to your thoughts.
Take note of how it affects your mood the next time you find yourself constantly going over things in your head. Do you have an irritable, anxious, or guilty feeling? What is the most important feeling that is driving your thoughts?
Awareness is the beginning of change and it is extremely important for shifting your thinking.

2. Imagine the Big Picture:

It is easy to become distracted by minor details when you are overthinking. While briefly considering these issues may provide you with new insights. The best way is to take a step back and analyze the bigger picture.

How will all of your current worries affect you in the next 5 or 10 years? Will anyone notice that you made grammatical errors in your college farewell speech? Will anyone think that your dance move at the party was silly?

Allowing little issues to become into major obstacles is not a good idea.

3. Get up and move around:

Changing your physical surroundings can make much difference. If you are walking or running, try to feel the sensation when your feet touch the ground or the sensation of the wind against your face. Changes in the environment might lead to variations in your mindset and can stop overthinking.

4. Name Your Emotion:

It’s great to be able to put a name to an emotion you are experiencing in your brain. If you can describe an emotion, such as “I am afraid” or “I am upset,” you can then develop on it by identifying more details in your emotions, such as “I am afraid I am going to screw up.” You have the time to try to think about that emotion once you have identified it.

5. Meditation:

Difficult situations and uncertain times can trigger worry and decrease our awareness of the present minute. Emotions influence our decisions. Even when we are compelled to make a planned and rational decision, we act on natural inclination. But meditation will enable you to accept the situations they are in. When you meditate, you react to a situation consciously. You do not respond in haste and say or do anything you will come to regret later.

6. Shift the Way You See the Problems:

It is usually a good idea to think about an important decision before making it. When we start pondering or negatively overthinking an issue, it can make us feel worried or stuck in terms of taking action. When we have an exaggerated concentration on a certain problem, how we see that situation is really important.
Understanding that we have a great sort of authority over our circumstances, viewing problems as opportunities, and are determined to stay on the road and work hard through these difficulties, we can all become much more productive and successful in attaining what we want in life. If, on the other hand, we find ourselves overthinking a situation, perceiving it as beyond of our control, bigger than us, or unsolvable, we undercut our confidence, capability, and strength.

7. Let Go of the Results:

The Bhagavad Gita, a spiritual text that has had a significant impact on my life, teaches us that we can live a happy life and fulfill our responsibilities (“dharma”) in life by focusing only on our effort, rather than the results of our work.
Because of the uncertainty of the outcome, focusing on results might cause stress. Focusing on our work, on the other hand, immediately puts us in the domain of something that we can manage. As a result, there is less mental pressure and an increased ability to deal with different challenges.

8. Daily Journal:

To avoid overthinking, you must first address the issues at hand. When you are feeling stressed, take some time to jot down everything that comes to mind, but then move your focus to the quick fixes. You can write down your thoughts daily to observe your thoughts.

9. Be Present:

Allow yourself to be free of all thoughts of yesterday and the future. No matter how much you aim to accomplish in the future or how much you have suffered in the past, celebrate the simple truth that you are living today. This is main the key to stop overthinking.

  • Cultivate self-awareness: let go and stop worrying about your performance.
  • Practice savoring: avoid worrying about the future by engaging yourself in the now.
  • Concentrate on your breathing: enable mindfulness to calm you down and make your interactions with others more pleasant.
  • Improve your ability to accept: rather than denying or running away from what is bothering you, walk toward it.

Note: Suggest seeking expert advice if you are unable to break free from overthinking.

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