Self-discipline Is the Key to Achieve Your Goal: How to Be Master on It?


Self-discipline is the master key to every success, and the lack of self-discipline is the major cause of failures, frustrations, underachievement, and unhappiness in life. It is nothing but self-control in mind, that is, how to control your mind and how to create discipline in mind -it’s the action followed by good thoughts and a positive state of mind.

You can keep your success energetic and escalating for the long-term if you’re disciplined and determined under all circumstances and situations. People, situations, and circumstances mightn’t favor you at some time but always find new ways to go ahead and achieve your goals.

While driving the vehicles on the roads, we obey traffic rules and regulations, for these reasons, we make ourselves safe and many others also; here we maintain discipline on the road. Without discipline, we can’t do any work properly because of confusion, disbelief, looking for shortcuts, excuses, complaining and blaming attitudes, and lots of negative factors that appear through different thoughts in mind.

Hence, self-discipline is the key.


An American Philosopher and Psychologist William James once said,

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

Control your mind; never let your mind control you. Don’t accept the thoughts which guide you in the wrong directions. Controlling the mind is very difficult, but it is possible when you keep on doing things repetitively until you make a habit. We see in many people’s lives that changing habits are much more difficult, and this can be possible when a person has strong desires to achieve something-a strong determination is essential to accept new ideas.

A disciplined mindset is always understandable and influenced by its purposes; it can understand many things like situations, people, and environments.

If you fail to control your mind, you’ll fail to control your life. Our mind carries thousands of thoughts, good or bad, positive or negative, and those thoughts which are connected with our emotions become our predominant thoughts, and they importantly manage our lives in the same directions as they are. When we change our thoughts, we change the direction of our lives. Never obey your mind if it guides you in the wrong direction.

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Control your mind with positive thoughts; never let your mind control you through negative thoughts. You can control your mind if you know the direction of your life through clear visions, fixed goals, and consistent actions. If you don’t fix up any specific goal in your mind, you do your actions aimlessly, and you get results accordingly.


Without clear visions and goals, people don’t take pains and they don’t like to go through certain challenges to achieve their goals even though their goals are very essential and primary to their lives as they anticipate.

Your destination may be far away from you, but if it is clear and you make it your goal, then it’s easy to travel the long distance overcoming lots of setbacks or difficulties on the way. You may take a long time to reach your goal, but you must have positive aspirations for your future achievements. Always anticipate positive outcomes in the future and do the best in the present day.

Confusion, disbelief, sadness, depression, and hopelessness come into mind if you don’t have clear visions and goals, and you don’t know what you are going to do in life.

Never do the things that come into your mind erratically, but do the things that are right and good to your life. For example: when a student sets his goal for his exams to score good marks for a healthy career ahead, and his mind says to watch some program or movie on television for 2-4 hours a day and he obeys his mind and withdraws focus from his goal and concentrate his mind on other things like watching TV, gossiping with friends, playing/watching games and visiting frequently to his relatives and friends home for casual gatherings, and many more activities that aren’t part of his goal, and even these activities don’t inspire the person towards his goals.

What will happen then? The student is spending time here and there unproductively without managing time and that is the major cause of failures or delaying the process of achievements. Your future is always in your hand; now decide, do you want to create it or break it. Now you can make either a good decision or a bad one, it depends on your future aspirations and how you want to see your life ahead.


Henry Emerson Fosdick once said,

“No steam or gas drives anything until it is confined. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.”

Self-discipline is an important factor in the process of success; without which you can’t build a grand success and also you may not hold your present success with growth and advancements for a long time. This is nothing but a discipline in mind and you do the right things at right time.

If you’re disciplined, your thinking has clarity and purity on certain things, and you are convinced.

Discipline manages your mind well to deliver the right commands of thoughts into actions; we do the right things when we get positive commands from our minds to lead a life as we want. Those people who succeed to manage their minds and stay in harmony are the true winners of their life, and they achieve more successes in their lifetime.


What is Self-control, how to control your mind and direct it in the right direction in life? Mind says many things to do, either positives or negatives, but what do you decide to do? Never obey your mind if it guides into the wrong directions; only obey your mind when it guides into the right directions.

Don’t let your mind control you. You should always take control of your mind in the manner you take care of a newborn baby. Always you’ll have careful attention to the baby, and you observe every activity that the baby does. Like your mind is, take care of your mind with the intention that how better results you want from your mind. Your actions follow your predominant thoughts, and all thoughts reside within the mind, and you are the creator of your thoughts.

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If you’re thinking about long-term goals and working on them, and the purposes of the results of your goals are helpful towards building a healthy society, you attain peace of mind and inner joy.

Positive thoughts are strong and directional; they help you to grow and prosper, and can survive in your mind for the long term to create a meaningful life; these kinds of thoughts create the same kinds of thought empire in your mind. If you want to win in life, adopt more positive thoughts and disregard all negative thoughts in any way. A strong and disciplined mind holds more positive thoughts and tries to cultivate more of the same thoughts to strengthen their empire.

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