Rewrite Your Life Story: Set The New Destination


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”

George Bernard Shaw

Along with writing and speaking your dreams, start watching the movies of your life in mind repeatedly that you’ve written-your life script. Write your life script and create your life in the same way, because you’re the creator of your own life, nobody else is responsible for your life. Build your life with your choices and likings. Visualize your dreams and possess them in your mind in such a manner that you’ve already achieved your goals. With a winning mindset, you can achieve many goals in life.

Your life is a whiteboard, it’s empty now, it’s blank now, what do you want to write there; now start writing the contents of your future life, what you want to become in life, where do you want to reach in life, and what is your goal, and what do you want to achieve in life-ask the questions to yourself and get clarity.

The question arises, how many of us write our dreams on paper daily? Many times we hesitate to write it, because we mostly say, we know what we want to achieve, that’s the reason, we skip many important steps in the process of success and later we forget our dreams. Write your life script, the life story that you want to see in the future.


“You can never plan the future by the past.”

Edmund Burke

Create your own life’s movie of your choices that you want and love. Your life is a movie; you’re the director, producer, scriptwriter, and all leading role players in the movie. Take all leading responsibilities to manage the movie; you’re always responsible for your own life, never blame others.

Nothing is impossible once you believe; to strengthen your beliefs, write and speak your goals, and start working to achieve them.

Write your own life story; your life story is what you want and what you love, and your life story must motivate you. Write the story of your upcoming life that you want to bring into your life; enter into the imaginary world that you believe and love. Once you believe in your imaginations, you start doing the things and you start getting the results. If your life story doesn’t motivate you, you can’t work for it to achieve it. In life, those things that motivate you are the real goals of your life, you do the same things and you also attain the same objectives with your positive efforts.

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Write the complete story of your life with present thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs, and you can change it at any time; you can update it from time to time ahead with the advancement of your thoughts. With your growing thoughts from day to day ahead, you can change your life story to higher levels as your thoughts and beliefs reach. But from today, you just write your life story with your present thoughts for your upcoming life.


The situations, people in your surroundings, circumstances are always in charge, and you don’t have complete control over the outside people, circumstances, and situations to change them while you have complete control of yourself-the thoughts you think of, the images you hold in your mind, the attitude you show to others, and the actions you do in your daily life to get the desired outcomes.

If you don’t know where you are going, you are going nowhere, and you’ll spend your time here and there doing different activities-finally you’ll say, I didn’t achieve anything big in life. Every big achievement is the result of your big dreams; if you can think big you can achieve big. The first task is to think big and then you can achieve big things ahead.

If you don’t write your life story, somebody will write it without your knowledge – and somebody may be anybody and you don’t know today who they are, and you have to accept it on time, and with this, you may have to accept many people’s choices from time to time, if you’ve no choices in your life. You start building a powerful life once you agree to your belief system as the truth to your life.

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Only 5 percent of people have clear and written goals, they know clearly where they are going; hence, write your life stories with certain goal plans and get started to act on them.

Winston Churchill once said:

“You create your universe as you go along.”

You aren’t what other people think and speak about you, you’re the person that you think and believe in; hence, you’re the unique personality in the world. When you put yourself down by underestimating your personality and start comparing yourself with others without giving value to yourself, you place others at the top putting your values downwards. With this perception, you can’t grow in life.


You start growing in life when you love your life, when you see yourself at the top, when you improve your excellence and when you feel yourself nner. Every winner feels differently and their activities are different from average people who don’t have desires to grow in life. After winning, everybody knows that you’re a winner, but before winning, you’re the only one who knows that you’re a winner. Once you believe that you’re a winner, you develop all the qualities that are needed in the process of winning.


Life is like a mirror, it reflects the objects that you’re holding inside your mind through thoughts and mental images. We can say, life is the mirror of your thoughts and emotions. When you create new images and new thoughts in your mind, you find new ways of driving your life. In every moment, life gives us many chances to change our lives through different opportunities while most of us don’t understand this truth and travel before other things that have no role to achieve our goals.

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A Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard once said,

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”

Remember, you’re a huge human magnet on this earth; you’ll always attract the same things into your life that you hold inside your mind, they may be people, situations, and resources. If you hold and replay the success images in your mind, you must attract successes into your life.

Your life delivers you the same things that you ask, believe, and receive; many things come into life from many different ways, but we don’t grab all the things. We accept life in the same way as our predominant thoughts and beliefs are, never beyond. When you change your thoughts, you will start changing your life with the same strengths of your beliefs and desires.


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