Push out of Your Comfort Zone: Be Highly Productive Now


Stay away from your comfort zones and convincingly put yourself into the uncomfortable zone doing new activities with your new goals. Change your old habits to new ones and change your old associations to new ones to get better productivity in life–always accept the new changes in life, that’s the key to success.

Adversity isn’t always bad; many times it shows new directions in life. If you stay in your comfort zone, you may not achieve your new goals; you’ve to put yourself into an uncomfortable zone which means doing new things that are connected with your goals, it may seem risky at present, but this can change your life if you persistently move on putting your best efforts. Don’t be upset by your present situations or circumstances, try to change your thoughts and reset your mind, and then add mere positive thoughts into your mind.


Thinking positively about any matter isn’t the only solution; to neutralize your fear, you would need to develop your action habits. Your consistent actions will develop your faith in that task and gradually it reduces the effect of your fears.

Thinking will not overcome fear, but the actions will; positive thinking is the command to do positive actions because your actions follow your thought process.

Once fear comes into mind, it can’t automatically vanish, now do something about it. Put more positive thoughts, stop thinking about what bad happened to you, and connect with the solutions and the new ways with optimism. Until you find solutions or new ways, the effect of fears will get maximized and certain depression comes into mind. Don’t worry even if the present situations are bad, and you have gone through certain difficulties in the past; forget the bad past and build the future with your present action plans.


Fears have many reasons and they create their empires in your mind when you get access to negative emotions. You can’t remove fears immediately from the mind, but you can weaken their efficiencies and strengths to lower phases by building the strength of faith. Fear is the negative emotion that disturbs your state of mind to downgrade your willpower. Its presence can’t harm you until you accept the same
connecting with your life.

You may be very optimistic and determined, and you may have great thoughts and ideas, but without positive actions, you can’t deactivate the negative effects of fears.

If you have winning attitudes and do action developing your knowledge and skills from ume to time, you can overcome many fears that come in your path. You can’t stop coming fears and worries into your mind, but you can dilute and overcome them when you are determined and you set goals for your success ahead.


One primary reason for fear is doing wrong things for self-centered works which are not acceptable by society. Another reason for fear is doing something in a risk zone where you may have lots of doubts about getting the results and things aren’t in your control. Other reasons for fear are fear of failure, fear of losing wealth, fear of losing a job, fear of rejection, fear of criticism, and fear of public speaking.

Fear is a negative state of mind and it has no existence except in your mind, and it can’t stay active within your mind for longer if you keep on doing positive actions.

Your burning desires create positive energies within you to overcome many situations in life that may presently look big and difficult. Reasons for fear may be anything, there is no need to count them one by one, just count the dreams that can inspire you in the present day. Your future visions can overtake many difficulties and challenges that come in the present life.

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What do you think most of the time, success or failure? What you imagine and believe becomes a fact for you in the future, because you’ll work with the same perceptions and beliefs, not beyond. You can’t go beyond your thoughts and beliefs. With the strengths of your thoughts and beliefs, you make your life, and when you change your thoughts and limiting beliefs, you can then change your action plans and do things accordingly.

Most people live with the same thoughts, same beliefs, and with the same people for the long term, and later they complain about their life and why their life doesn’t get changed.

What is your predominant thought? What do you think about yourself? If your predominant thought is a success, you’ll work for success. If your predominant thought is a failure, you can’t work for success, Success begins in the mind, and you are the creator of it. You’ve to create success in mind before they appear in your real life because success doesn’t come by chance: you’ve to create it through your persistent efforts.


When a person thinks about positives in others, he starts talking positive words, and his behavior and attitudes become positive toward the same people because he thinks positively. It is clear that everything begins in our minds, and they appear on the outside in different forms like words, actions, and attitudes, and we work with the same perceptions and beliefs. If your predominant thought isn’t a success,
you can never be successful in life.

Always think positive, speak positive and do positive actions; when you accept things positively, you make positive changes in your mind, and then you find many positive results in life.

Those people who succeed in life mostly think about success and they are searching for the most possible ways to achieve their goals. It isn’t a matter of your present strengths and what you have right now; it is a matter of your state of mind, whether positive or negative, success or failure, happiness or sadness. If you have a success mindset, you don’t care about the small adversities; you don’t focus on the present gratifications, your major focus is on success and you do the activities
that are connected with your success.


The people who always think of success become successful in life, the people who think of failures become the same, and the people who neither think of success nor failures, they never become anyone they don’t find themselves anywhere, because they are confused in their life, and many people fall in this category, they don’t want to fail and they don’t wish to become successful. Even though many people
want to become successful, but they don’t have the willingness to do the activities that are needed for success, and they only focus on their present life.

Create a mindset of positivity and expect positive outcomes in every work you do. When you hope for the best, your mind connects with the best possibilities and you work devotedly.

What you are doing today, you may not get all the results immediately; some of the results might be shifting to the future and we don’t know when we can get the results in the future of the present actions. Most people get depression and live with stress and worries when they don’t get all the results instantly or as per their wishes, and fail to do other activities because they don’t see their future in the present.

For example, if you cultivate a mango plant, and you want the results soon, it is impossible because it has some gestation period, and it’s nature’s law and you can not get the results before the minimum gestation period. In educational institutes, the degree engineering course is of four years, and you can’t come out from college before four years even though you do the best in the institution, what happens
here; is you have to wait for the minimum gestation period.


If you don’t feel fears in your today’s life, that means you are in your comfort zone, and you aren’t working for your next higher success or big dreams. It is impossible to grow if you stay in your comfort zone all the time. Fear comes when you do any new task that is new and bigger than your past achievements this kind of fear motivates you because you’re working for achieving your goals.

All negative thoughts come from negative emotions; when you start thinking positively and doing positive actions with intent, you start controlling your mind in the right direction which can help you to succeed in life.

Without honest goals, your fears are directionless and you might get depressed and unhappy with future uncertainties. In other ways, fear comes when somebody does wrong things intentionally to harm others or the person does the work in dishonest ways and the work is unacceptable to others in society.

We create the negative thoughts in our mind. When we pay attention to the negative mental images in our mind, it effects on life. So if you do any work with positive intentions, and the work has the purpose towards the goodness of people and society, it brings peace of mind. And no fears and worries hurt your mind by any means.

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