Discover Your Strength to Win the Battle of Life

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Courage is the strength that helps to convert your weaknesses into major strengths. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses; you may have some weaknesses, but never focus on them rather focusing on how you can improve yourself and how can you find yourself in a better place. You can’t expect a better result until you find yourself with the same qualities that need to achieve your desired success.


The hidden and untapped power of your inner self is always within you; the energy is always within you, but it matters how you use the power that is already in you. When you realize the power within you, it starts working for you because it is in hidden state-this power can’t appear until you have got a clear vision and goal, clarity in mind, and strong belief in yourself. Until you get clear what exactly you want to do and what exactly you want to get, this power never helps you to get things done. You must have a clear vision and clarity in mind to discover your strength.


Don’t wait; move on with your present strengths, and never wait for all conditions. If you’ve had good times and have good opportunities in your hand, do something to get their benefits, and never postpone your time to do the same in the future.

Focus on your present strengths, not on your weaknesses; and always improve yourself to get a better you. When your focus goes to improve your excellence, you do extraordinary, and you achieve many victories in life.

Time is very important; it may not support you in the future whatever you’re getting now, nobody knows what the time will give you in the future. Always take the positive benefits of good people, good situations, good resources, good opportunities, good times, and good circumstances at present, these things may not be found out in the future to provide all benefits that you’re presently getting.


Don’t see the negative side of life, always explore the better possibilities and strengths within you and what best could be done to achieve your goals. There might be some bad situations with you at present, but never give up your long-term goals; if required, you can change your decisions to new ones. Shift your thoughts to positive directions of lite and take strong and right decisions to move ahead.

A growing and successful life find strengths in others, tries to learn from them, and has a willingness to change themselves for their growth and advancements, while an unsuccessful person finds weaknesses, faults, and mistakes in others, and has no willingness to change themselves.

Make your mind disciplined with optimistic and constructive thoughts, and avoid negative thoughts when they come into your mind from any sources. You can’t stop negative thoughts coming from outside, you must avoid or ignore them as much to protect your mind, and stay away from those sources where negative thoughts are being created.

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Your mind is like a computer hard disk, a computer has limited storage capacity while your mind has unlimited storage capacity and you can store any big files in your mind’s hard disk. Your computer
responds to you on your inputs according to the software you have installed, it can never work beyond the strength of the software that you’ve loaded on your computer; likewise, your mind responds to
you in the same manner of the strengths of your thoughts that are emotionally connected with your life.

Don’t calculate your values comparing with your past failures and setbacks, but learn from your past life to implement the same in the future. Failures, setbacks, and challenges aren’t bad at all times; they are great teachers to your upcoming life.

If you program your mind with negative and unconstructive thoughts, you get a negative response from your mind and you do work accordingly to get the same kinds of outcomes, and when you program your mind with positive and constructive thoughts, you get a positive response from your mind and you follow the guidelines to put actions to get the same kinds of outcomes. The environment you create in your mind with the preferred thoughts and mental mages, you manage your life in the same manner.


Negative thoughts are the worst performers; they never draw good results, while positive thoughts are the good performers-these thoughts help to lead your life into greatness and you attain phenomenal growth in life. Always do work with positive thoughts and ignore all negative thoughts if they come randomly from any sources.

How qualitative thoughts you create in your mind decide how qualitative life you’re going to create in the future. Your thoughts decide the ways of your life as they are; never expect a prosperous life if you think and hold more negative thoughts in mind.


The preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement Mahatma
Gandhi said:

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Always find strengths and good qualities in people, not their weaknesses or any bad qualities, focus on your present strengths, and always improve yourself by adding values to your life. Never compare your strengths with others because your strength is unique and different from others.

With your strengths, you can easily achieve your goals, but it matters how you believe in your strengths and whether you make decisions to go with your strengths or not. God has given desired strengths to everybody through which human beings can achieve their goals, but you can’t use your strengths until you believe in yourself.
Your strong faith activates all other powers that reside within you and you can discover your strength through continuous efforts.


Positive people’s focus goes on their strengths, and they do miracles with their strengths. Here they think about what they have, they realize their strengths and what they can do with their present strengths, and they focus on how they can improve themselves to get better results.

If you don’t learn from your past, you make the same kinds of mistakes again and again, and when you do the same mistakes repeatedly, you meet many failures and challenges.

Negative people’s focus goes to their weaknesses, and they fail to remember their strengths and only remember their weaknesses, and they start comparing their life with others on negative sides and fail to do the right things at right time. Here they think about what they don’t have, and what they can’t do, and in this way, they start remembering their weaknesses and many negative things in their life than the truth.

We should focus on strengths, not weaknesses. When our focus goes to what we don’t have, we make complaints; we don’t love to take our responsibilities and then start making excuses. We forget our strengths when we depend on others. If you’ve some personal problems, first try them with your best knowledge, ideas, and efforts to find the solutions or alternate ways to get it done. Never depend on others if you can do your work by yourself, always be independent if you want to grow big in life.

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