Self-discipline Is the Key to Achieve Your Goal: How to Be Master on It?


Self-discipline is the master key to every success, and the lack of self-discipline is the major cause of failures, frustrations, underachievement, and unhappiness in life. It is nothing but self-control in mind, that is, how to control your mind and how to create discipline in mind -it’s the action followed by good thoughts and a positive state of mind.

You can keep your success energetic and escalating for the long-term if you’re disciplined and determined under all circumstances and situations. People, situations, and circumstances mightn’t favor you at some time but always find new ways to go ahead and achieve your goals.

While driving the vehicles on the roads, we obey traffic rules and regulations, for these reasons, we make ourselves safe and many others also; here we maintain discipline on the road. Without discipline, we can’t do any work properly because of confusion, disbelief, looking for shortcuts, excuses, complaining and blaming attitudes, and lots of negative factors that appear through different thoughts in mind.

Hence, self-discipline is the key.


An American Philosopher and Psychologist William James once said,

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

Control your mind; never let your mind control you. Don’t accept the thoughts which guide you in the wrong directions. Controlling the mind is very difficult, but it is possible when you keep on doing things repetitively until you make a habit. We see in many people’s lives that changing habits are much more difficult, and this can be possible when a person has strong desires to achieve something-a strong determination is essential to accept new ideas.

A disciplined mindset is always understandable and influenced by its purposes; it can understand many things like situations, people, and environments.

If you fail to control your mind, you’ll fail to control your life. Our mind carries thousands of thoughts, good or bad, positive or negative, and those thoughts which are connected with our emotions become our predominant thoughts, and they importantly manage our lives in the same directions as they are. When we change our thoughts, we change the direction of our lives. Never obey your mind if it guides you in the wrong direction.

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Control your mind with positive thoughts; never let your mind control you through negative thoughts. You can control your mind if you know the direction of your life through clear visions, fixed goals, and consistent actions. If you don’t fix up any specific goal in your mind, you do your actions aimlessly, and you get results accordingly.


Without clear visions and goals, people don’t take pains and they don’t like to go through certain challenges to achieve their goals even though their goals are very essential and primary to their lives as they anticipate.

Your destination may be far away from you, but if it is clear and you make it your goal, then it’s easy to travel the long distance overcoming lots of setbacks or difficulties on the way. You may take a long time to reach your goal, but you must have positive aspirations for your future achievements. Always anticipate positive outcomes in the future and do the best in the present day.

Confusion, disbelief, sadness, depression, and hopelessness come into mind if you don’t have clear visions and goals, and you don’t know what you are going to do in life.

Never do the things that come into your mind erratically, but do the things that are right and good to your life. For example: when a student sets his goal for his exams to score good marks for a healthy career ahead, and his mind says to watch some program or movie on television for 2-4 hours a day and he obeys his mind and withdraws focus from his goal and concentrate his mind on other things like watching TV, gossiping with friends, playing/watching games and visiting frequently to his relatives and friends home for casual gatherings, and many more activities that aren’t part of his goal, and even these activities don’t inspire the person towards his goals.

What will happen then? The student is spending time here and there unproductively without managing time and that is the major cause of failures or delaying the process of achievements. Your future is always in your hand; now decide, do you want to create it or break it. Now you can make either a good decision or a bad one, it depends on your future aspirations and how you want to see your life ahead.


Henry Emerson Fosdick once said,

“No steam or gas drives anything until it is confined. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.”

Self-discipline is an important factor in the process of success; without which you can’t build a grand success and also you may not hold your present success with growth and advancements for a long time. This is nothing but a discipline in mind and you do the right things at right time.

If you’re disciplined, your thinking has clarity and purity on certain things, and you are convinced.

Discipline manages your mind well to deliver the right commands of thoughts into actions; we do the right things when we get positive commands from our minds to lead a life as we want. Those people who succeed to manage their minds and stay in harmony are the true winners of their life, and they achieve more successes in their lifetime.


What is Self-control, how to control your mind and direct it in the right direction in life? Mind says many things to do, either positives or negatives, but what do you decide to do? Never obey your mind if it guides into the wrong directions; only obey your mind when it guides into the right directions.

Don’t let your mind control you. You should always take control of your mind in the manner you take care of a newborn baby. Always you’ll have careful attention to the baby, and you observe every activity that the baby does. Like your mind is, take care of your mind with the intention that how better results you want from your mind. Your actions follow your predominant thoughts, and all thoughts reside within the mind, and you are the creator of your thoughts.

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If you’re thinking about long-term goals and working on them, and the purposes of the results of your goals are helpful towards building a healthy society, you attain peace of mind and inner joy.

Positive thoughts are strong and directional; they help you to grow and prosper, and can survive in your mind for the long term to create a meaningful life; these kinds of thoughts create the same kinds of thought empire in your mind. If you want to win in life, adopt more positive thoughts and disregard all negative thoughts in any way. A strong and disciplined mind holds more positive thoughts and tries to cultivate more of the same thoughts to strengthen their empire.

Rewrite Your Life Story: Set The New Destination

“First, say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.” Epictetus


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”

George Bernard Shaw

Along with writing and speaking your dreams, start watching the movies of your life in mind repeatedly that you’ve written-your life script. Write your life script and create your life in the same way, because you’re the creator of your own life, nobody else is responsible for your life. Build your life with your choices and likings. Visualize your dreams and possess them in your mind in such a manner that you’ve already achieved your goals. With a winning mindset, you can achieve many goals in life.

Your life is a whiteboard, it’s empty now, it’s blank now, what do you want to write there; now start writing the contents of your future life, what you want to become in life, where do you want to reach in life, and what is your goal, and what do you want to achieve in life-ask the questions to yourself and get clarity.

The question arises, how many of us write our dreams on paper daily? Many times we hesitate to write it, because we mostly say, we know what we want to achieve, that’s the reason, we skip many important steps in the process of success and later we forget our dreams. Write your life script, the life story that you want to see in the future.


“You can never plan the future by the past.”

Edmund Burke

Create your own life’s movie of your choices that you want and love. Your life is a movie; you’re the director, producer, scriptwriter, and all leading role players in the movie. Take all leading responsibilities to manage the movie; you’re always responsible for your own life, never blame others.

Nothing is impossible once you believe; to strengthen your beliefs, write and speak your goals, and start working to achieve them.

Write your own life story; your life story is what you want and what you love, and your life story must motivate you. Write the story of your upcoming life that you want to bring into your life; enter into the imaginary world that you believe and love. Once you believe in your imaginations, you start doing the things and you start getting the results. If your life story doesn’t motivate you, you can’t work for it to achieve it. In life, those things that motivate you are the real goals of your life, you do the same things and you also attain the same objectives with your positive efforts.

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Write the complete story of your life with present thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs, and you can change it at any time; you can update it from time to time ahead with the advancement of your thoughts. With your growing thoughts from day to day ahead, you can change your life story to higher levels as your thoughts and beliefs reach. But from today, you just write your life story with your present thoughts for your upcoming life.


The situations, people in your surroundings, circumstances are always in charge, and you don’t have complete control over the outside people, circumstances, and situations to change them while you have complete control of yourself-the thoughts you think of, the images you hold in your mind, the attitude you show to others, and the actions you do in your daily life to get the desired outcomes.

If you don’t know where you are going, you are going nowhere, and you’ll spend your time here and there doing different activities-finally you’ll say, I didn’t achieve anything big in life. Every big achievement is the result of your big dreams; if you can think big you can achieve big. The first task is to think big and then you can achieve big things ahead.

If you don’t write your life story, somebody will write it without your knowledge – and somebody may be anybody and you don’t know today who they are, and you have to accept it on time, and with this, you may have to accept many people’s choices from time to time, if you’ve no choices in your life. You start building a powerful life once you agree to your belief system as the truth to your life.

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Only 5 percent of people have clear and written goals, they know clearly where they are going; hence, write your life stories with certain goal plans and get started to act on them.

Winston Churchill once said:

“You create your universe as you go along.”

You aren’t what other people think and speak about you, you’re the person that you think and believe in; hence, you’re the unique personality in the world. When you put yourself down by underestimating your personality and start comparing yourself with others without giving value to yourself, you place others at the top putting your values downwards. With this perception, you can’t grow in life.


You start growing in life when you love your life, when you see yourself at the top, when you improve your excellence and when you feel yourself nner. Every winner feels differently and their activities are different from average people who don’t have desires to grow in life. After winning, everybody knows that you’re a winner, but before winning, you’re the only one who knows that you’re a winner. Once you believe that you’re a winner, you develop all the qualities that are needed in the process of winning.


Life is like a mirror, it reflects the objects that you’re holding inside your mind through thoughts and mental images. We can say, life is the mirror of your thoughts and emotions. When you create new images and new thoughts in your mind, you find new ways of driving your life. In every moment, life gives us many chances to change our lives through different opportunities while most of us don’t understand this truth and travel before other things that have no role to achieve our goals.

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A Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard once said,

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”

Remember, you’re a huge human magnet on this earth; you’ll always attract the same things into your life that you hold inside your mind, they may be people, situations, and resources. If you hold and replay the success images in your mind, you must attract successes into your life.

Your life delivers you the same things that you ask, believe, and receive; many things come into life from many different ways, but we don’t grab all the things. We accept life in the same way as our predominant thoughts and beliefs are, never beyond. When you change your thoughts, you will start changing your life with the same strengths of your beliefs and desires.

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Mindset: Your Thoughts Create Your World- Here’s How

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you are right.” – Henry Ford

There are two types of mindset. One is a positive mindset and another is a negative mindset. Creating a negative mindset or thoughts in the mind is like eating junk foods, and we know how junk foods are harmful to our bodies. Many junk foods don’t harm our body immediately but harm us slowly and internally without our knowledge when we take them repeatedly, and create many diseases for the future. Let’s start reading how your thoughts impact your life.


Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote:

“Infinite riches are all around you if you will open your mental eyes and behold the treasure house of infinity within you. There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously, and abundantly.”

All negative thoughts are being created through negative mental images that you hold inside your mind through different sources. You can’t remove negative thoughts from your mind directly like we can throw away an object from one place to another because these things appear in physical form, but thoughts in the mind can’t be seen, you can only feel them. Hence, negative feelings can be deactivated through repeated positive mindsets and positive actions.

Through repetition of good and specific thoughts in mind, you can create new ideas, new plans, and new ways of working towards achieving your goals.


You can weaken the effectiveness of negative thoughts by shifting your negative thoughts to positive ones. See more possibilities in mind, think about your life on the positive side, and keep on adding more positive thoughts into the mind through positive mental pictures to make your thought garden of mind healthy and active, and this is always in your control; in this way, you can take control of your mind.

When you change your thoughts, you change your attitudes, you change your spoken words, you change your action habits and finally, you get changes in your outcomes.

While watching our favorite movies or listening to our favorite songs, we enjoy them because we are connecting our feelings with the same thought frequencies of those events of the movie or the music while watching or listening respectively. What we love, we keep on watching or listening to it several times, because the pictures or music replaying in the movie or songs are our thoughts and we love to bring them back several times to enjoy them. The thoughts here may be good or bad, but we still love them, and they become our predominant thoughts over time.

We are connecting our thought frequencies into the same thought frequencies of the movie or music while playing, and many times, we are feeling or placing ourselves in the same positions like we are the main role players of the events.

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An American new thought author, philosopher, and businessman, 

Charles Haanel said:

“The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that like attracts like, consequently,  the mental attitude will invariably attract such conditions as corresponding to its nature.”

You can empower your inner superiority through your constructive thoughts and with a positive mindset. Plant the useful seeds of thoughts in mind; they will take root in their own time. Don’t worry, do your best and give careful attention to plant more positive thoughts in your mind. So, you should build a positive mindset to be successful.

The greatest weapon against your stress is creating more optimistic thoughts in your mind through consciously speaking, writing, visualizing more positive things, and doing positive actions on them.

Useless weeds are the part of the thought garden, they are the negative thoughts. They can’t harm your thought garden if you are attentively removing useless weeds every time they come into your knowledge. If you appreciate those useless weeds, they will start dominating the plants to downgrade them.


Dr. Joseph Murphy once said,

“Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees. If you say, “I can’t do it,” your subconscious mind works to make it true. Select a better thought. The decree, “I’ll buy it. I accept it in my mind.”

To manage your positive thoughts, you have to ignore negative thoughts if they are present. You get results that harmonize with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your inner thoughts, spoken words, and outside actions should be in harmony, they should not be in contradictions. Your life is the images of your predominant thoughts creating more positive thoughts to empower your life. Healthy thoughts produce more healthy and powerful thoughts for your life.

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What you believe subconsciously becomes the fact in the future, the time factor varies from person to person, but people get the things in their life that they think, feel and believe. When you replay a thought repeatedly in your mind over some time it becomes a fact today or afterward, it depends on the strength of your emotions on the thoughts. We don’t get life randomly; we create it through our thoughts and different emotions from time to time ahead. As you think and believe, you become. This is how your mindset effects your life.


A British philosophical writer James Allen wrote:

“Man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought, he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy, strength, and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to divine perfection. By the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast.”

When you alter your thoughts on people, situations, or anything you have with, you will see them in the same eyes and thoughts. With the same thoughts, you can’t change the situations when you have created them.

Influence your mind positively with the worthwhile thoughts of your desires; once your mind is convinced with great thoughts, nobody can stop you to achieve your goals and you can do the miracle.

You have to alter your thoughts to see the solutions. To get a changed life with success, happiness, and prosperity, you have to change your thoughts in the same direction. Changing thoughts and state of mind from one state to another is a personal task, and you can do it better every time in life. 


Success is completely impossible if you fail to develop a success mindset within you. It’s a conscious decision, and that depends on you in the whole process. Your unhealthy thoughts create depression, stress, disbelief, hatred, sadness, failure, ill-health, and many other negative emotions. Your healthy thoughts create love, faith, happiness, good health, success, prosperity, inner peace, and many other positive emotions that lead you to positive outcomes.


If your thoughts are driven by others, your mind is the slave of other people’s thoughts, and you can’t develop faith in yourself because you are mostly accepting other people’s opinions.

In reality, outside people can’t speak about what truly you can do in life. If you don’t know about yourself, how outside people will know about you? It’s your perception; now change your thinking and change your life to success and joyfulness. You have to create a belief for every task you want to do and succeed there; the seed of belief is the emotion that you create in your mind.

Your mind is a thought garden: Plants are positive thoughts and weeds are negative thoughts. Now ask yourself which thoughts among all thoughts in your mind are more valuable to build your successful life, and who can help you to resolve your problems.

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A German-born theoretical physicist and the winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics Albert Einstein observed:

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Your anger is the most destructive and negative emotion that always harms your life. When you become the master of your thoughts, you gather more powers to take control of your emotions. Managing thoughts is quite difficult but possible for people who have the inner consciousness of staying in harmony.

Your action follows your thoughts; as you think and believe, you do the same kinds of work to get the same kinds of results.

Make your mind disciplined through the positive thoughts you think, the positive words you speak, and the positive deeds you do to make your dreams fulfilled. Be honest with yourself and do every work that brings peace and inner joy.


One day, I met a successful person in an educational institute, and asked him about the real sense of success by his perception; he said, “success is what we get peace of mind by doing the things that are needed for achieving any objectives which we dream of.” We can only attain inner peace by doing such work which is truly honest work and good for people and society and your purpose must help others in positive ways. The people who work sincerely and help other people and society are considered as great work, and these people are revered by many people now and later on. 

Working with sincerity, love, and faith must fetch positive results. We must attain success if we sincerely do the work with a positive mindset and spirit. Your sincerity and love in your work help to create positive energies within your thought process and you get going with optimism, faith, hope, and lots of positive expectations.

The Power of Change: Find New Ways to Reach Your Goal


The power of change: People accept the changes when they decide to do something new and this new decision and new vision is the best source to get inspiration to do new things. People make changes in themselves when they face some challenges and difficulties in their work or their life. Read how a little change can make a big difference in your life.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

John F. Kennedy


The preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement Mahatma

Gandhi made this statement:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If you don’t like your present outcomes; change your thoughts, decisions, and action plans, and change the ways of your workings – always prefer to change yourself. Change is essential in every step of life; you have to accept the changes from time to time to bring out the best outcomes. Change yourself; always accept the changes that come in your way if it is needed, sometimes you may have to take hard decisions that might be painful for the present timings.

The universe is always in change, everything changes its states and positions upon a time, hence, accept the changes to take better benefits of time.

The universe is always in change, people are always in change, situations are always in change, environments are always in change, and all the factors connected with our lives are always in change, so why don’t you? You can’t change the outside people because they aren’t in our control, but you can change yourself. Even you can’t change the outside situations as they aren’t in your control, but you can change yourself. Similarly, you can’t change the outside circumstances if they aren’t in your control, but you can change yourself.


A Scottish-American Industrialist, Business Magnate and Philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie stated it clearly when he said:

“You can’t push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself.”

Everywhere you need to change yourself as it needs to; don’t fight with people, situations, and environments, while trying to change yourself and move on with your own pace, decisions, and determinations. Never try to change others, always change yourself from time to time; change your habits, change your attitudes, change your thoughts, change your decisions, change your associations and change the ways of your workings. You can make your decisions upon what has to be done at the right time.

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If you don’t like to change yourself, you can’t bring new successes into your life. What you are today with thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and associations, might be needed to be changed upon a time.

Accept the changes and be the change according to situations and the people you are with. To grow and succeed, change is the most important factor and most people don’t accept the changes when something new happens in their life. People fear when they go through any changes, while wise people accept the changes and move ahead to grab new opportunities. You can’t change your life if you don’t accept the changes; you may need to change your thoughts, the people you’re present with, the attitudes you show to others, the habits you follow in your daily life and many other factors are attached with.


An American business magnate, philanthropist, and the co-founder, of Microsoft Bill Gates, once said:

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.

A student gives more attention to his studies when he thinks and decides to perform better in his exams. Here, his attention may go to playing any games or gossiping with his friends in his extra time, while a good student postpones all extra activities and focuses on his studies, putting in more time than he did in the past days.

This change happens, because he sets his goals and works on priorities for his studies. Likewise, any person can change himself into new thoughts, new habits, new action plans and associate with new people to get his work done.

Most people set higher goals, but they don’t love to change themselves; they don’t change their mindset, they don’t change their attitudes, they don’t change their associations and they don’t change their action habits.

If you don’t change yourself upon a time, the time and situations in the future may change you, and you mightn’t control them. Before anybody or any situation changes you, change yourself and learn how to adjust yourself in much situations-this wise decision always helps you. Most people fail to achieve their desired goals because they hesitate to accept the changes that come in their way.

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As Wayne Dyer once said,

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much you find each other, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you.”

When you fail to change yourself, you will fail to change others because you don’t know what to do and how to do it to get the results. Changing yourself isn’t the lesson that you have to learn and speak to others; it is what you do for yourself and make many changes within you.

Creating Success needs “to be changed”; if you don’t accept the changes, you can’t attract the desired success.

Trying to change others is a waste of time because you can’t change others until others accept what you speak or do. Making little positive changes every day in you will bring many positive changes in life…


Focus on small changes in you every day to bring big changes upon a time; you can’t change fully to a new personality in one day, it takes time and you can do it when you consistently do the things with strong determination and positive efforts. Good habits aren’t formed in one day; it takes time and varies from person to person.

When you change yourself as required, you’ll find success in front of you. You can win yourself when you are in your control, and you can win to control your thoughts and actions. Always change yourself creating new self-esteem that can help to create a new life with new visions and hope. New life starts from your new thoughts and new dreams; they are the creator of your new life all the time.

You can’t change nature’s environment, you can’t change people, and you can’t change the outside circumstances but you can change yourself, you can adjust yourself according to situations and environments-always focus on yourself and be the change, and focus on improving your development activities.

Fix The Problems of Your Life Easily: Here’s How

Focus on Solutions; Not on Problems


As human beings, we all have some problems in our life, which might be small or big, but we all have the inner strength to resolve all the problems. So, here are the most effective ways to fix the problems of your life:


God has given us all the inner strengths needed to manage our lives; but most of us don’t understand our inner powers and strengths and we start blaming others, as well as we find weaknesses in people, and find the reasons why people don’t help us as per our expectations. 

The problems of your life can be resolved when you think to resolve them; once you make decisions with a positive mindset, you find new ways, new ideas, and new resources to get your work done.

When we understand and realize that we all have the essential qualities to resolve all of our problems and can drive our own lives well, we can then start doing the needful and can live a peaceful life. If you fail to find the solutions to fix your problems, you may find alternative ways which lead to your destiny.


If you travel on a road and find the road is closed somewhere ahead and there is no option to move on ahead on the same road. What do you do in this situation: Instantly you try to find alternative ways that are connecting your destination. You don’t waste time here, and you don’t complain because you don’t have control over this outside situation.

Making Complaints is a negative attitude towards others; you mainly find mistakes in others and hesitate to take your responsibilities. This mindset stops your further growth and advancements.

Always remember; never waste time on the outside if you don’t have control over them, might be the outside situations, outside people, or any circumstances. Give value to your time and manage them like you manage your finances. Before investing your money anywhere, or spending your money anywhere, you think many times about the best possibilities what might be done to manage your finances in the best ways.



As Stanley Arnold said:

Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its solution.

To resolve any problems, focus on your strengths, associate with the right people to get good and new ideas, find the right resources, ignore negative people, and put consistent actions to make your work possible. Many problems can be resolved through positive thinking, positive decisions, positive actions, positive attitudes, and gratefulness to others.

No problems can be resolved until your focus goes to solutions.

When you start thinking positives over any bad situations. you start getting new directions of finding the solutions or new ways of working-it is the matter of creating a new state of mind to get going.

If you don’t change your state of mind to positives, you can’t get new ideas to resolve your problems. The problems are the same; you need to handle them with new thoughts, new ideas, and new action plans- you may need to associate with new people to get your work done.


A German-born theoretical physicist and the winner of the 1921 Nobel

Prize in Physics Albert Einstein observed:

The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

No problem can exist for a long time, but you can see the higher effectiveness of some problems, they might create some problems temporarily for a certain period. People don’t resolve their problems because they don’t want to change their state of mind to positives, they always hold the same thoughts that were with them in the past.

No problems are permanent, they are all short spans and can stay with us for a short time, but we make them long span and hold for long-term when we always think about them and make them our predominant thoughts.

Other reasons are, they don’t love to change their associations to new ones; and with the old associations, you are continuously getting access with the same people where you do the same discussions with them and you get the same ideas and thoughts from them.


Nobody is born with success or failure, the person makes his life as his thoughts and beliefs become and this set of beliefs can be changed at any time to any new directions as per his choices and desires. You can never go beyond your thoughts and beliefs.

In life, if you find that some people create problems in your way, some situations hold you back or some circumstances don’t give chance to do the right things to fulfill your dreams, what you should do in your daily life to win over your own life and lead a purpose-driven life. Don’t focus on problems, always focus on solutions and find new ways to proceed with.

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To resolve any problem, find the positive possibilities in mind before getting them on the outside. If you can imagine good things in mind, you can create them in real life.

Every problem has solutions that could be drawn in many different ways, it matters how you do the things to get it done. Never go with emotions, only do the right things at the right time to get better results in your existing and upcoming tasks.


You will find different problems in every part of your life; different states of living will have different kinds of problems. It may be a financial problem, it may be a health problem, it may be a family problem, or it may be a professional problem, and so on. When you fix one problem, another may come up on your site; it’s natural because it’s a human life.

Problems, difficulties, adversities, and failures are not bad for life, and they automatically come in your way when you do new things, but they become worst if you don’t learn from them. When you learn from them, they become your great teachers and direction indicators.

Every person in the world goes through some problems. It might be a small one or big, every problem has some solutions and you have to search for it. And every problem gives chance to explore new possibilities and direct you towards finding new opportunities.


Your subconscious mind knows the answer to all of your problems; consciously do every action that brings inner peace. If you don’t know the solutions, your subconscious mind will guide you on what to do about the problem. Always stay with positive thoughts and ask yourself continuously what has to be done to get the solutions-your mind may suggest you take suggestions from the right people to do the needful.

God has given us all the requisite powers to resolve all of our problems, but most of us don’t realize these powers within us and search for the solutions asking others many times in life.

Be alert to receive different positive commands and the ways towards the solutions from your mind those which are needful to our concerned problems. If you find the solutions or new ways to get going, you must get the needful on time, so be patient and strong-willed.


Ask yourself what are things holding you back, and why?

Do you have any solutions for the problems? If not, find alternative ways through which you can reach your goals. Don’t stop moving anyhow you veto keep moving. you can’t solve a problem by thinking of more problems in mind.

No problems can be resolved with a negative mindset; it needs a positive mindset to find the solutions. When you change your mind into positives, you connect with the right things to get solutions.

A positive mindset can find ways and solve problems, while a negative mindset can never do this task. But most people do the opposite; they become more negative and sad when they meet some problems and difficulties and lose their hope, and blame their life in different ways.


Your mind is a thought creator machine, it creates thousands of thoughts per day. Now you decide what kind of thoughts you want to create in the next moments, good or bad, problems or solutions.

The same situations create different mindsets in different people due to different ways of thinking and perceptions. When problems come into our lives, some of us try to resolve them who are positives,

Some of us ignore those who don’t make any decisions and some of us who are negative try to make them bigger than what the problems are. Many times, people make the problems bigger in mind through different thoughts than what the problems are; in this way, people get irritation, distressed, disappointment, and frustration.

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